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Sandwiches Made With Brotherly Love
Philadelphia-Style Sandwiches at Dave's Hoagies

Proprietor Dave Bagan, who formerly worked at Deutsche Bank and Morgan Stanley, has based his sliver of a restaurant on the type of sandwich common to Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. His hoagies are a cousin to the hefty sub or hero-style sandwich, but Mr. Bagan says a tangy sauce and an abundance of toppings set his sandwiches apart. ... Read whole article>>

First Look at Dave's Hoagies, Bringing Philly Sandwiches and the Works to FiDi
Let's get this out of the way up front: Dave Bagan exhausted his options trying to get Philadelphia-baked rolls for his new hoagie shop. It's that soft, if not a little chewy Italian bread that cinches the authenticity for sandwich pundits nine times out of ten, after all. But when Brotherly Love bakers could only offer to ship parbaked ... Read whole article>>

A Sandwich a Day: Roast Beef at Dave's Hoagies, a Philly Sandwich Standout in the Financial District
Dave's Hoagies opened a month ago in the Financial District and their sandwiches are—excuse us—money.The roast beef ($11.50) is built on soft, dense bread custom baked at Parisi Bakery. It has the perfect dense crumb and slight crust to withstand the juices that collect there. Most of these come from "the works," a smattering of shredded romaine, sliced tomato (we'll wait unitl summer for those), shaved red onion, roasted red peppers, chopped cherry peppers, diced artichokes, and a shake of parmesan cheese. Each sandwich gets provolone and a spread of "Dave's famous hoagie sauce," which is a thick balsamic vinaigrette that adds another layer to the massive hoagie...Read whole article>>

My Hero - Dave's Hoagies brings a big Philly bite to NYC
Dave Bagan's mom used to pack him two Italian hoagies and a pack of TastyKakes for lunch daily.
Now he is returning the favor for New Yorkers at Dave's Hoagies, which opened in the Financial District in late April. Bagan's submarine-style sandwiches ally themselves with Philadelphia's proud tradition of strapping hoagies--with two exceptions...Read whole article>>

New York City Gets a Great Hoagie with Dave's Downtown
Dave's Hoagies makes a killer sandwich

If you're a sandwich-seeker, someone always on the lookout for the next great sandwich in your city, you know the joy of finding a place that really nails all the little nuances that make for a truly satisfying meal. The ratio of bread to meat to veg to sauce — what can seem like a simple dish can be much more complicated than you'd think at first glance. Well, New Yorkers, specifically those who live and work in the Financial District, just got a great new sandwich, and it can be found just a few blocks from the new World Trade Center down a little side street being made by a former banker: Dave's Hoagies....Read whole article>>

Dave's Hoagies Brings Philly-Style Sandwiches To The FiDi
"A sub is not a sub is not a sub" said Gertrude Stein. Or was that Ben Franklin? Anyway, there's a new lunch spot slinging Philly-style sandwiches in the Financial District, and whether you're an expat from the City of Brotherly Love, or just appreciate a good mix of high-quality bread, meat and toppings, you're going to want to check out Dave's Hoagies.. more